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Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago

We've made our first product prototype!

Thank you guys for supporting Heyday in the past few months. We are more than excited to announce that we've delivered the first prototype with our amazing manufacturing partner - Acufit. Acutfit is a factory in Taiwan with 30 years of experience making brand-name gym strength training equipment.

Heyday team started to develop the station around 6 months ago. To come up with the best solution for low-impact strength training, we tested numerous ideas and had countless meetings with physical therapists. Our (first) baby is finally born!

From heated debate on product concept -

To our design sketch -

And finally to our first prototype -

We leveraged existing parts from Acufit to assemble this prototype. The purpose is to test whether our station can provide the training users need. To explain the concept a little bit more - The reason the station is in a recumbent position is that we want it to be as kind to joints as possible. In addition, we put a lot of thought into the leg press movement and its angle. After all, improving lower body strength is the most important thing for 60+. With the handlebars and seat back, the users can train chest muscles without hurting their backs.

Heyday team is developing and testing the prototype very closely with Sunvis Foundation. Our next step is to design and experiment on interesting and engaging content. Strength training should also be fun and motivating! Stay tuned.

If you're interested in sharing your exercise experience to help us make a better product, please click here to schedule a chat. 


  • I have reached my golden years or past by about 10 years. Health is good but have lost strength in legs.

    Federico Serrano
  • What is the price?

  • Hello

    How does the production model work? Good for people with a degenerating L5 lower disc? Price?

    William Lee
  • I am very interested in your product! I have developed many health problems as I’ve gotten older..60 years old. I e also have put on a lot of weight that I need to lose to help with my health problems. I exercise very little because of the difficulties of my weight. I believe this is the answer I’ve been looking for!!

    Desi Osteen
  • Does accommodate 300 plus pounds? Need something to strengthen my joints


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