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The Heyday Experience

Everyone trains for a different reason. As we age, health and mobility become increasingly important fitness goals. To maintain your mobility, strength training is the best way to go. Unlike cardio, strength training is hard, and honestly, kind of boring. It's easy to leave you wondering whether lifting all those kettlebells, dumbells, and resistance bands actually move a needle.  


That's why Heyday is built. 


Heyday is so much more than just low-impact strength training equipment, it is truly your at-home personal trainer for functional fitness. Heyday can guide you through every stage of your exercise journey. 


1. Personal program and progressive resistance

Every. Body. Is. Different. 

Everyone has different strength, balance, and flexibility levels. 80% of our survey respondents reported that they'd love to have modified movements for different levels. 

Before starting the program, you will go through an assessment program to test your optimal resistance level. After that, you'll be recommended classes and resistance levels that you can progress from there. 


2. Classes for everyone 

Heyday doesn't stop at offering strength classes. On top of strength, Heyday has a wide range of classes from yoga to balance exercise. Simply turn your screen over, it is your personal fitness station.


3. Track progress and strength

Want to know how you're doing against yourself and other people? Heyday tracks your performance and strength automatically. Show up regularly and unlock special achievements! 


4. Train with games and music

Strength training could be boring, but it doesn't have to be. Train your strength, balance, and coordination with games; while listening to your favorite tunes. 


If you're interested in sharing your exercise experience to help us create a better product, please click here to schedule a chat. 


  • Does this act as a toning..defining machine?

  • How do you buy this machine and how much is it

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