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How to stay active during the holidays

Keeping a workout routine is hard enough, let alone putting holiday into the mix. Luckily, binge eating for two weeks wouldn't destroy all the hard work you've done, as long as it is not a permanent habit shift. Don't worry about counting calories and feeling guilty! Nonetheless, it still feels better to move a little bit during the holidays. Here are short workouts & tips that you can squeeze into your busy schedule.

1. Do a short but intense workout

If you only have 15 minutes, go for high-intensity training rather than moderate ones. 15 minutes HIIT training is a good place to start. HIIT training is beneficial for people at any age, even for seniors! It helps both reduce muscular decline and improve cardio fitness. HIIT training might sound intimidating but it could be for anyone, as long as you're cautious and mindful of your limits.

2. Embrace bodyweight training

If you're outside of town, don't have any equipment, and want to do something simple. Bodyweight training is the way to go. There are numerous ways to do bodyweight training with enough intensity, particularly for your balance and stability.

Have fun during the holiday season. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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