Call For Beta Testers

Interested in being the first ones to try Heyday?

Want to be part of the team to shape a more inclusive exercise experience?

We are recruiting users to test our beta product in your homes! As we're developing and refining our experiences, Heyday team would like to invite you to try out our product.

What is beta testing?

Beta testing is an invitation to try our product before it hits the shelf. A beta product will not be in its final form yet (it will also be different from the one described here). The goal of beta testing is simple - to continue iterate and build a product that you will love.

How will it be done?

Beta testing will be conducted in February or March 2022.

If you're chosen as a tester, the cost of the machine, installment, and removal will be covered by us. You'll be able to try a Heyday machine and program for a month at your house. After the month, the machine will be returned to us.

What are the criteria?

Internet connection and a space to place Heyday is a must. There are no minimum/maximum age, gender, or mobility criteria. After all, Heyday is for everyone and every body.

If you're interested, please fill in this Google form. We will contact you if it is a good fit! 


  • I am 420 pounds at 50. I have 3 year old and need to be around for him and other kids. Right now knees hurt so bad just to walk

    Shane Burdett
  • Would love to try this machine. Had open heart surgery 4 months + ago and had 2 heart valves replaced and an ascending aortic aneurysm repaired. In cardiac rehab at the moment, using recumbent bicycle.
    Degenerative lower disc makes standing elliptical machines impossible.

    William Lee
  • I’d like to C what ths does for atrophy. To C what ths machine does at different stages of rehab.

    Norma english
  • Would love to be a tester. I’ve had two knee replacements. Still giving me trouble they are so tight and hurt . I know this machine would be a life saver for me to get back doing things.

    Doris Ragan
  • I would really like to be a tester for.this machine! It looks like the perfect piece of equipment for me. One hip replacement and the other needs done too. I am also scheduled for knee replacements. Thank you!

    Ellen Bremer

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