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Top 5 Free Exercise Videos for Seniors

After experiencing severe lower back pain, I know how hard it is to go over the vast Internet scraping for workout content that doesn't hurt me and makes me feel good. Although this is a list tailored for 55+, it certainly doesn't stop there. It is for everyone that wants to take a lighter day or doesn't want to be pushed as hard.

Here are the top 5 youtube channels for senior exercise:

  1. Body Coach: Body Coach is my favorite youtube channel for senior exercise (or just for everyone that wants a slow day). Every video is 10 or 15 mins long and very well-made. Joe Wicks is a lovable and energetic trainer that inspires people to perform their best.
  2. Pop Sugar: This channel is not designed specifically for seniors, but I find their 10 mins workout series very suitable. Pop Sugar offers a wide range of workouts from barre, yoga to HIIT.
  3. More Life Health: This channel offers a wide range of seated, stretch, and balance exercises. I like his 5 mins workout videos too.
  4. Silver Sneakers: The famed Silver Sneakers have a lot of free workout videos for different levels. Both Silver Sneakers and Eldergym are on the softer side.
  5. Eldergym: Doug shares very hands-on tips on various strength, balance, and flexibility exercises for seniors. It might be a bit on the easy side if you're highly mobile.

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  • Hi Deb,
    Heyday is still at development phase. The target release date is next year. Please stay tuned!

  • I might be interested if I knew how much it cost. Widowed Senior on fixed income. Thank you

    Deb Shotsman

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